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Found lifeless: Child discovers lifeless in the neighbors’ pool

Filed in blog | Posted by almayteresa on abril 8, 2020

Found lifeless: Child discovers lifeless in the neighbors’ pool

Found lifeless: Child discovers lifeless in the neighbors’ pool

His 53-year-old passenger and the five people in the van were injured and taken to hospital. After the accident, the B2 was closed for hours to recover the wrecks.

Mourning at the sheep drive in Mittenwald: The Mittenwald sheep farmers only took a good half of the herd from the mountain at the weekend – almost 200 of the 450 animals perished in a landslide at the Predigtstuhl in early July. The usual festival for the cattle drive was therefore canceled, said the chairman of the Mittenwald pasture cooperative, Peter Reindl, on Monday.

The animals rounded up about 40 sheep farmers on Saturday in the Karwendel Mountains and brought them down to the valley. Only then did it become clear who exactly lost which animals. The sheep farmers, mostly part-time farmers, make a major contribution to maintaining the cultural landscape with their sheep. Without them, the maintenance of the humpback meadows would not be possible.

It was an unusual misfortune – the mountain sheep are not chamois, but extremely agile on the mountain, said Reindl. "They are mountain sheep." The sheep farmers suspected the cause in summer was the extremely dry subsoil. Presumably the animals, which were traveling alone at an altitude of about 1500 meters, had caused the dry grassy hub to slide on the steep slope with their hooves. The animals slipped about 80 to 100 meters in altitude.

In principle, such a disaster cannot be avoided, said Reindl. The animals come back to pasture next May. "It goes on as normal"said Reindl. In autumn, lambs are born – and help restore the herd to its original size.

Bavaria’s Agriculture Minister Michaela Kaniber (CSU) calls for a renewed discussion about the strict protection status of the wolf. She also expects support from Berlin and Brussels, said the minister before the main alpine tour on Wednesday at Mittenwald. "We need a reassessment of the topic across Europe, which is why the Federal Government and the new EU Commission are required"said the Minister. "The wolves know no borders, the EU states can only resolve their immigration together."

Pasture husbandry is of outstanding importance in the Alpine region for the preservation of the cultural landscape and biodiversity, and it is particularly appropriate for animal welfare, emphasized Kaniber. These achievements are massively threatened by the immigration of wolves.

Bavaria had put an action plan into effect in March, which allows a shooting in individual cases after strict examination and if the wolf has caused damage. "Our Bavarian Wolf Action Plan cannot be the end point"said Kaniber now. Also that of the federal government as "Lex Wolf" The planned change to the Federal Nature Conservation Act is not sufficient. EU law leaves more room for maneuver. The aim must be to draw up a regulation plan regardless of cracks and damage.

The alpine farmers in particular fear the return of the wolf because the pastures in the impassable mountainous region are difficult to protect. The alpine farming association of Upper Bavaria requires wolf-free zones in alpine areas that are difficult to protect.

During a routine check on the roof of a church tower in Mittenwald (Garmisch-Partenkirchen district), 20 bullet holes that were several years old were discovered. As the police announced on Wednesday, it was initially completely unclear who had shot the roof. The officers therefore ask witnesses to report. The Bavarian Radio had previously reported on it.

According to a police spokesman, the bullet holes must be at least two years old because the copper roof has already become significantly discolored at the bullet edges. In addition, it can be assumed that the shots were fired from a long gun.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay/ The police put the damage at around 25,000 euros.

Around 100 sheep slipped in the Karwendel Mountains near Mittenwald and died on steep terrain. Dry rock was probably set in motion by individual sheep on Monday and carried the herd away, said a spokesman for disaster control at the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district office. The animals of a pasture cooperative were said to have been walking freely at an altitude of around 1,500 meters and slipped about 80 to 100 meters in altitude. The carcasses should be recovered from the rough terrain in the coming days.

In a massive sheep crash in the Karwendel near Mittenwald, around 180 animals were killed. The sheep were traveling at an altitude of about 1500 meters and slipped about 80 to 100 meters in altitude. The carcasses were flown into the valley by helicopter and then taken to the animal body recycling, as the head of the Mittenwald pasture cooperative, Peter Reindl, said on Wednesday. The accident happened on Sunday and shepherds discovered the carcasses on Monday. Several media had previously reported about it.

It always happens that individual animals fall, said Reindl. But: "I’ve never seen anything like it." Exactly how many animals were killed is not entirely clear. "We didn’t count anymore." Which owner lost animals is also unclear. "We won’t be able to say this until autumn, when we take the drive down and give them all back to their owners." Otherwise around 450 animals spend the summer on the mountain pastures near Mittenwald. The survivors were driven to another, less dangerous pasture.

The accident occurred during the days of the upwelling phase. Some of the animals are on their own. "This time they took the wrong path." In addition, too many animals were standing in one place. A spokeswoman for the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district office, which had consulted experts from the geological service, said: "Several factors have come together. It was a very steep slope below the sermon chair. The ground was very dry then. And 300 sheep ran over it in a very short time." The sward was presumably destroyed and the slope slipped.

With bells and sometimes also with cowbells, men with historical carved wooden masks marched through Mittenwald on Nonsensical Thursday. According to an old custom, they ring in the spring and drive away the demons of the dark season. Numerous "Maschkera" – Masked – jumped during the move of the bell agitators noisily through the Upper Bavarian town in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The bell agitators traditionally remain undetected behind the sometimes frightening wooden larvae that are passed on from generation to generation.

During the carnival season, the masked people are also out and about in other places in Werdenfelser Land, such as Krün or Wallgau. The parade in Mittenwald, which attracts thousands of spectators every year, is particularly well known. The custom of "Maschkera"-Going is maintained from Epiphany to Shrove Tuesday. The masks may only be put on during Mardi Gras. According to popular belief, anyone who violates it grows firmly in the face.

With the high temperatures not only an event worth seeing, but also a welcome cooling off: On Saturday, 38 participants jumped into the Lautersee (district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen) at the Mittenwald Dirndl Flugtag – to the applause of numerous spectators on the shore. At the age of two, the youngest participant dared to take the plunge in her mother’s arms. Men were also allowed. They had filled the cleavage with balloons. Tourists from Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia were inspired and jumped into the cool lake wearing Bavarian costumes that they borrowed.

The Mittenwald water rescue event was held for the second time. A jury evaluated the jumps and the outfits.

The federal police caught a suspected tax fraudster wanted across Europe during a border control at the German-Austrian border. The officials stopped the car on Friday at a border control near Mittenwald (Garmisch-Partenkirchen district) ordered in the wake of the Corona crisis, as the federal police announced. The 58-year-old was reportedly traveling as a passenger in the car.

He is accused of evading taxes of around 150,000 euros as a freelance software developer. He is said to have concealed the true amount of his income and sales and concealed it through the use of foreign companies.

The 58-year-old was brought before a judge and is now in custody. According to the federal police, if convicted, the man faces a prison sentence of five to ten years.

Two bartenders are said to have mixed ecstasy into the drinks at a bar in Upper Bavaria. The suspects were arrested, the police said on Monday. The incident occurred on the night of March 3 in Mittenwald (Garmisch-Partenkirchen district). A victim reported to the police the following day. The operator of the restaurant had given the police information, it said. The 30-year-old main offender confessed to having put narcotics in at least two drinks. With a 22-year-old accomplice, he now has to answer for dangerous bodily harm and violations of the Narcotics Act.

The criticized HR manager of the German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas has resigned. Employees had previously complained about her: she had downplayed the racism problem in the USA.

The sporting goods manufacturer Adidas has to look for a new HR director. Karen Parkin, responsible for Global Human Resources, is leaving the company after 23 years, Adidas announced on Tuesday evening in Herzogenaurach.

The board of directors did "by mutual agreement" agreed to terminate her Management Board mandate on June 30th. Adidas boss Kasper Rorsted will temporarily take over her duties.

Parkin’s resignation has an origin: According to a report by the "Wall Street Journal" recently complained about the 55 year old. Last year she reported racism at an internal event organized by the US subsidiary Reebok "noise" dismissed, which is only debated in America, and said that she does not believe that Adidas has a problem with racism. Parkin’s apology was called inadequate by staff representatives and called for an investigation.

Adidas boss praises the services of ex-HR manager

"To unify the company, it is better if I step back and pave the way for change", the HR manager justified her resignation. The death of the Afro-American George Floyd in police violence had sparked the debate about discrimination against blacks in the United States and far beyond.

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Meanwhile, CEO Rorsted emphasized that Parkin had in recent weeks "played a key role in how we fight racism and make Adidas an even more diverse company".

Sources used: news agencies dpa and Reuters

A 73-year-old vacationer fell 230 meters down while hiking on the Wörner (Garmisch-Partenkirchen district) and died. The man from Castrop-Rauxel in North Rhine-Westphalia was traveling alone and apparently stumbled back into the valley on the way down, as the police announced on Thursday. The hiker set out on his excursion on Wednesday morning and sent his wife a message from the summit that afternoon. When her husband did not return to their shared accommodation in Mittenwald late in the evening, she reported him missing.

The search measures by the police and mountain rescue services were unsuccessful during the night. On Thursday morning, the crew of a rescue helicopter found the lifeless man in a mountain wall at around 2,150 meters above sea level and recovered him.

A French person lives in a tree house. The mayor demands that the airy home should go. The person concerned is now suing the European Court of Human Rights.

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Xavier Marmier believes in that "Human right to a tree house": The 50-year-old Frenchman now wants to sue this at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, as his law firm announced. Because the tree house, which he has lived in for more than ten years, is threatened with demolition.

Going to the human rights tribunal is "the last resort" for Marmier, says the lawyer Elise Gheidene. After years of trials, the Supreme Court in Paris rejected Marmier’s appeal against his community’s demolition notice in February.

Mamier built his tree house in 2008 in a piece of forest he had acquired in Cléron in eastern France. It is enthroned in a beech tree at a height of seven meters. The 40 square meter house has solar power, a wood stove and is supplied by rainwater. The municipality of Cléron had tolerated the construction for years.

The new mayor does not want to tolerate tree house

With the election of a new mayor in 2014, the situation changed. He refused a subsequent building permit and ordered the demolition. He pointed out that Marmier built his tree house in a nature reserve.

Found lifeless: Child discovered lifeless in the neighbors’ pool. An accident at work on a vineyard: Man trapped under his own tractor Pilot discovered the man: German mountaineer falls to his death in Switzerland

In Strasbourg, the trained forest worker now wants to refer to Article eight of the European Convention on Human Rights. "Everyone has the right to respect for their private and family life (and) their home"it says in it.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Men in costume and with historical carved wooden masks marched through Mittenwald during the parade of the bell agitators on Nonsensical Thursday. More than a hundred "Maschkera" – Masked people – jumped noisily with bells and sometimes with cowbells through the Upper Bavarian town in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen district. According to an old custom, they ring in the spring and drive away the demons of the dark season. The men often trudged through the town in their short lederhosen in freezing temperatures and blowing snow – but this year it was spring-like weather with sunshine.

With the chime of the bell at 12 noon, the participants started and moved from restaurant to restaurant.